Backing up Goodfellas

Hi. Any hints or steps on burning Goodfellas. It is a two-sided dvd. My recorder is the Pioneer DVR-103. Thnaks

just rip&backup one side at a time, then join them later using virtualdub.

Since I’m new to this, what program do you use to rip and backup?
click on ‘the guides’ link on left frame, choose your favourable compression methods (divx, vcd, xvid, etc), then follow the appropriate guide. the tools are included (you can dl them from the site).

Thanks a lot. Just one more question. Which method should I use to make a DVD back-up that will work on most DVD players and PS2?

vcd (mpeg1) and/or svcd/dvd (mpeg2).

Would doing and ISO read and write with dvd decrypter work in most dvd players and ps2 also? Thanks

now you’re talking dvd to dvd backup method. follow ifoedit guide instead. it’s at too. actually, almost everything one can think of when backing up dvd nowadays are available there, so make yourself familiar with the site and the external links provided.