Backing up Ghost Recon with Liteon 32x12x40x

Awhile back I tried to backup Ghost Recon regular edition(not gold) with Alcohol Software and it seems it just couldn’t handle the task. So I get the idea in my head after reading these forums to give BlindWrite a go at copying Ghost Recon and man it works like a charm. I gotta give credit to both of these programs I think they’re both excellent software but its just odd that Alcohol couldn’t do it. At least when I tried awhile back. It was build 1222. Maybe I will try backing up Ghost Recon with the latest version of Alcohol software. But even so, Alcohol build 1222 was released way after Ghost Recon I think but maybe they updated the software protection on my release. Oh well, for anyone who wants to copy this game try both copy programs. One of them should work.

Sometimes its just the way it is. Like BlindWrite can copy SecuROM titles near perfect with BlindWrite, and Alcohol 120% cant get as close.