Backing up games

First I’d like to say Hi to all. I’m the right side of 50 just, but still like playing games and learning new things when I can. Right I need to back up 2 games one has laserlok on it and the other has safedisc 2 on. I’ll start with the lasrlok checked disc with clonyXXL said laserlok went to Alcohol 120% went to make image with laserlok tagged CPU goes to 100% and nothing:confused: i’m running an old pII 400. can someone tell me in layman terms where I’m going wrong??

More info please. Reader? Writer? Games you’re trying to copy?

SafeDisc2 an Laserlock schouldn’t be big problems…
Today you can burn it with almoust every cd-writer and the right software…
But to help you, you have to tell us the things called by philamber.

cu dooh

Thanx 4 answering so quick. Belarc says that my reader is LG CD-ROM CDR-8322B (32x). Writer is TX Uranus CDRW 52x. THe games I’m trying to back up are Icewind Dale (laserlok). And C&C Renegade (safedisc 2) this one needs to be done soon as it has a crack in it at the spindle which does not reach the silvered part yet.