Backing up games: Same procedure?

So far (knock on wood) I’ve had all success in the movie backup department, but this week I am going to try to backup an XBOX game for the first time. It’s the Forza racing game for my girlfriend’s son. I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up ahead of time if it is the same procedure as when copying movie DVDs.
Also, is there any way to know (other than burning and testing it in the XBOX) if I have succeeded in breaking any copy protection on the game. With movies I just use one of the preferred decrypting programs, then burn it as an Image or DVD folder file, and then try to play it back on PowerDVD. If it works, I burn it, if not, I try another approach until I find something that works. How do you test a game disc?


I believe the only way you can back up Xbox games is by FTP’ing it from the machine itself using a special cable. This is because if i am right in what i was told a while back because the Xbox disks themselves are not standard DVD’s.

PS2 games can be easily backed up using CloneCD though.

Exactly that.

In regards to backing up Xbox games, the cable isn’t exactly “special,” but rather just a standard network cable. You just network your Xbox like you would another computer. A modded Xbox running some type of FTP server is required (most, if not all of the homebrew dashboards for the Xbox have an FTP server built-in).

Thanks for all the info guys.