Backing up games 2

Trying again. I’m trying to back up two games (Icewind Dale(laserlok) and Renegade) I’m running a Celeron 400, reader = LG CD-ROM CDR 8322B. Writer is a TX Uranus CDRW 52x. Used clonyXXL found laserlok tried to use alcohol 120% with laserlock picked tried to do a CD to CD and my cpu hits 100%, Buffer reaches 10% then it stays like that. Is the CPU to small:confused:

Seems to me you don’t have DMA enabled. If you are running Win9x, you can set this in the properties of the optical drivel; in Win2k/XP, you need to configure your IDE channel (both in the control panel).

Good luck!

If you mean that the DMA is ticked then it is on both of the drives.