Backing up game without cd



I want to back up The Sims but my cd is damaged. How do I go about backing it up from my computer to cd. Is it just as easy as copying the all the folders on to a CD-R or DVD+/-R? I have a no cd patch since the cd is damaged.


If the CD is damaged beyond repair here is no legal way to make a backup. Although how damaged is it?


It won’t work at all. I have tried everything but won’t work. Is it possible to copy it from computer to cd/dvd?


Is the CD heavily scratched or just does not work?

Unless you have made an image it is not possible to put the contents of a folder onto a CD and make it work. You see The Sims CD has a copy protection on it, and that must be read by the guard module in the game. The contents of that folder are not the same as the original CD. The original CD has all of the setup files and such stored away.