Backing up game (7cds) onto 1 DVD?

I have this pc adventure game which is 7cds and I wanna put it onto 1 DVD. Am I going to need to edit some files inso that when they need another disc, they just look on the same one (the DVD)?
Im new to this.


ok, i think what you would be best to do is make a alcohol 120% image of each disc, then put all the images on the disc along with a virtual drive (i.e. deamon tools) and burn, then mount each image. can you say what game it is exactly, as this matters alot in if it will work.

ben :slight_smile:

I didnt understand most of what you just said (sorry). But the game is Phantasmagoria.

Great game :slight_smile: oldskool

What bcn_246 said is do the following:
Get Alcohol 120%, and make an image of each CD to your hard-drive.
Next, get a virtual drive software, that will be able to mount the images into a virtual drive. a good option is daemon-tools ->

after that, burn everything (images + daemon tools) to the DVD, and just mount the images into a virtual drive when you play.

I think it will work :confused: , it’s a very old game, no-one used protection back then :stuck_out_tongue:
but to make sure, just mount the images from the HD and try to play.

So when I play it back I would have to use that program to play the game?

There is a problem if this game is a 7 CD pack. In a normal DVD there is just 4.36 real Gb of capacity, and this is about 6 CDs. If u try that way, Alcohol RAw images will always be higher than an ISO one, so it will only fit 5 or 6 max CDs onto a DVD.
If u have a DL writer then, it is no prob, but will be cheaper to buy another game (consider buying a DL blank disc)…xD

Good luck!

ok, does anybody what is Phantasmagoria protected with?

No, but A-Ray might stand a good chance

Ok, so, Lets say I have the first disc on a cdr and then the next 6 discs on 1 Dvd-r. What will happen when it needs to change disc, lets say from disc 5 to 6. Will the message come up about changing the disc or will it just find it straight away.

p.s. I am doing this less to back it up, more just to make it easier to play, so I dont have to swap discs always.

Didn’t work, guys.

I’d tryed to do the same - put all the 7 CDs to a single DVD, but i tested hole thing before burn them all, only to make sure. Daemon tools installed the game without problems, and i played the entire first chapter (CD#1 contents), but at the end of the final movie of the first chapter, the game asked for the second CD (a message appeared at the screen: something like “press ENTER for the next chapter or ESC to exit to menu”), with no option to save the game first. Hitting the ENTER key does not work. So, i became stuck at the final of the CD#1.

I tryed to workaround this issue, enabling 2 virtual drives, and mount the CD#1 image on the first drive and the CD#2 image on the second and loaded my savegame, with no success.

Any ideas?


hmmm… have you tried pressing alt+tab when it asks or if that doesnt do anything try ctrl+alt+delete and then pressing alt+tab and the mounting the next image, then pressing alt+tab to launch the game again. also multiple drives wont help as it is probible looking for the data in drive X:\ (X being the virtual drive letter) if not it may just be that this isnt the kind of game that can be made into a dvd (not all can).

hope this helps,

ben :slight_smile: