Backing up final fantasy 8


I am trying to get a backup copy for personal use of final fantasy 8 for PS1. cloneCD copies an image file but only writes 88% of the file onto the CD. My HPcopy programme says copy is successful but the game won’t play.

Any ideas on where to from here??


Do you know what kind of copy protection is used on the CD if any? If you don’t download ClonyXL and use it to scan the CD for copy protections. If there is any the program can start CloneCD with the correct settings to copy the game. Also use your CD burner to read the CD to an image file on your harddrive. You have a better chance of the copy being good. You can also get a program called PSX Copy that may also work. I haven’t tried it before but it’s worth a shot.
If this doesn’t work post what kind of hardware you have, such as, DVD-Rom drive, CD-Rom drive, and CDRW. I’m sure you have an HP CDRW. I need to know the make and model numbers of your equipment, what you have and what you don’t. This will help in finding a solution to your problem. Also your HPcopy program is just Easy CD Creator with HP’s name on it. I don’t suggest wasting your time trying to back up any games with it PSX or PC. Easy CD Creator just doesn’t have the capabilities to do so.

For PSX protected games use these CloneCD settings:


[ul][li]SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
[/li][li]SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks[/ul]WRITE:
[/li][ul][*]Don’t Repair SubChannel Data[/ul]Please note you need a reader and writer that can read/write in DAO-RAW96. To see if you drive can handle this check the CloneCD hardware requirements. I suggest you use a slow reading speed and proper CD-R’s.