Backing up Final Cut Pro 3 for Mac?

Hi all. I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I have purchased Apple’s Final Cut Pro 3. It’s extremely expensive and makes me very nervous to have only one functioning copy. I would like to make a safety backup, but I’m not sure how (the CD is protected).

I have access to both a Mac and a PC to try to make the backup. On the PC, Cloney reports no protections. I tried making a copy with CloneCD (U.S. version) with the “Data” Profile. CloneCD reported a handful of sector read errors (not surprising), and the final copy did not work. Of course, the CD is in Apple’s native HFS+ file format–not sure if this complicates things.

I have tried scouring the web for information about the protection used, but I have come up empty. Perhaps some the experts here have insights? Any help would be most appreciated.

i would also like an answer to the same question. any help would be appreciated. i too have the same issue.

what protection is used on final cut pro? is it possible to make a personal backup copy ?

Now isn’t that a coincident? 2 users posting the same question across two forums

Anyway, what CDRW are you two using? Maybe that’ll give some clue.