Backing up files?

Hi gang, I figured I would post here in the noob section for a pretty dumb question. I have used clone cd and clony xxl in the past to make some backups of some of my game cd’s and stuff but usually when I want to save a few files to cd I think it is ez cd or cd creator that has done that for me in the past and not clone cd.
Well I just installed winxp pro a couple days ago and I like to save some files here and there like resumes, emails, drivers, applications and stuff. To get them off the hard drive for a later time I will put them on a cdr. My cd burner is now a couple year old sony with ez cd creator 4.02 I think, and I believe I read that it is not compatible with winxp, so I really don’t want to buy roxio’s 5.0 or platinum or whatever they are selling (If I’m gonna do that I might as well buy a new burner and get the software with it), so I guess I’m wondering if clone cd will do this kind of thing or can you guys recommend a program that does.
Like I was saying, I am aware that clone cd copys disks, and makes images to copy but for this purpose I am looking for something that will burn files to a cdr like one big floppy disk, that I can just copy and paste and then retrieve later. Probably a very stupid question but I have made coasters and hate to make more without asking, thanks for any help in advance. :confused:

Long story, but the answer can be brief.

Try Nero!

This program can do all that and you can keep CloneCD for backing up CDs directly.

Got it, thanks for the reply. I will seek out this nero program and try it. Hopefully they have a trial thing or something, I hate to buy it and not like it.

Taxman gives good advice.

Nero will do just what you want and there is a free trial version.

find it here.

I have real good luck using nero to make my music compilation disks as well. It will normalize the tracks and such.

Nero is awesome.