Backing Up Files on CD-RWs

I wanted to backup my files in ‘My Documents’ folder and some of the files have long file names ( p to 50 characters).

I burn them using CD-ROM ISO mode in Nero and choosed ISO mode 2 (31 charac.) with Joilet but Nero has shorten some of my files’ name.

Is the any mode that I can choose so that I can burn any files into my CDRW with unlimited file name length.

Is there any program that enables us to burn any files into our CDRWs without limiting filename’s length.

3 suggestions:

you could zip the files and then burn the zip. that will keep the filenames

also, I have had good luck with the built in windows xp burning as far as keeping long filenames.

you might also want to try the most recent version of incd from