Backing Up "Fight Club"

I’m trying to back up fightclub and i use dvd shrink and dvd decryptor on a windows xp pro maching. all software is up to date. None of these programs will rip this dvd. With dvdshrink, it gets to like 49% or sumthin when its just analyzing the dvd, then it stops and gets a cyclic redundancy check error. With decryptor, it gets to about 42% when copying to hd and it gets an error. how do i do this?

cyclical redundency error usually occurs when the disc is scratched or dirty. Try cleaning the disc and then try again. You most likely arent doing anything wrong, its that the burner is getting a bad read off the disc.


i guess i should have explained this in first post. thats pretty much common sense. every forum i have been to tells me this. this cd is practicly brand new. not 1 scratch, not dirty at all. proof is that i get the error in diff places using diff programs. there is nothing wrong with cd

It may be manufacturing defect or scratched disk, even if you do not believe in this. I guess you are talking on new pressed DVD-Video.
The fact that the error is not at the same place just means that the defect/scratch is longer than you think and so has marginal problems at diferent locations.

Try cleaning the disc with the toothpaste trick, where you get some toothpaste on clean wet hand and first dissolve it, then clean the disc, let it dry, and clean dry. Remeber all motions must be radially from the center out. Search forums for better description on this method of cleaning.

If this is disc you bought, exchange it with new one.

definitly not the disc. i jus borrowed a friends copy and tried the same. his disk is scratch free and pretty much same looking as mine and i get same problem. i searched other forums and it sounds like other ppl have the same problem with this dvd

Hmmmm. In that case I think that the author of DVD Decrypter program, LIGHTNING UK! is posting here on this site, maybe he wants to have a look into this particular DVD movie. The latest version from last week was supposed to skip unreadable sectors.

Also, there are several discussions here on this site about other DVD movies that need to blank some files, some do it with VOBBlanker program.

Good luck, please keep us posted.

Maybe its time for a new reader?:confused: Did you try the DVD on a different pc? I can tell you for a fact I didn’t have that problem b/u fightclub DVD. I would try updating your firmware first but if that doesn’t work time for a new DVD-Rom.

this computer is fairly new and specs on it are pretty high so i dont think its the computer. it works on every cd but this one. and i have read about this VOBblocker program but cant find it. iver searched google and everything. if u could link it, it would be much appreciated. maybe that will work. not sure how to use it tho

You never said what your hardware is and don’t forget f/w…

f/w? not sure what that is. anyway, specs are:

Pentium 4 3.0 ghz
1gb ram
240 gb hd (2 120 sata hd’s with raid)
TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E <---- DVD/CD Burner

all drivers/software is up to date.

i re-checked dvd decryptor and shrink and both are up to date.

Did you try your burner as a reader?
Seems like a lot of people have your problem. Do a search and you may be surprised.
Do you smoke? I ask cause I seen drives go bad or need to be cleaned in as little as 6 months from smoke.
You can try Nero InfoTool and see what your (f/w) firmware is. Then you may want to flash it at your own risk.
I believe you have to do yours in dos. :eek: Also I did read that some people have better luck with that drive set to PIO Mode and not Ultra DMD Mode.
Good luck. :slight_smile:

Highly likely to be a mastering defect as your friend’s copy doesn’t work yet all your other discs read ok. I had an unreadable file on one disc but since it was only a backup IFO file (.BUP) I just skipped the file.