Backing up FIFA 2005 (SafeDisc 2.9)

Hi everyone. I am trying to back up FIFA 2005 by EA SPORTS (I lose games occasionally). I used ClonyXXL to check the copy protection, and it says that FIFA 2005 uses SafeDisk 2.9. I tried the DiscDump + FireBurner method, but it doesn’t work. I have a SONY DRX-500ULX drive that can burn CD’s and DVD’s. Someone please help me with this!

Welcome blkarcher3,

clonyxxl is out of date use protection id instead an scan the installation folder Fifa 2005 should be protected by SafeDisc 3.20. Creating a working of backup of this SafeDisc version is hardware dependent so I would suggest creating a mini image or using this guide.

p.s. I deleted your other thread as it was a double post.


Does that method burn an image to the PC? And, can u burn that image to a disc?

Mini image method creates an image (size is around 100kb) which can’t be burned. The second link creates a full image which can also be burned. When you read the guides everything should be clear, if not ask.

If you have to disable the drives to play the game (with the second link), how can you burn it to a disc and play from the disk?

With your SafeDisc version there’s no need disabling your optical drives simply mount the image and play.

What do u mean by “mount the image” and play? (This is for safe disc 3.20

Here’s the important part for you. You select the image you created via DTools or Alcohol (choose one) and then mount it so it will appear in winodws explorer as a disc. Then you can start your game without the original disc in your drive. No need for yasu or disabling as your SafeDisc version is quite old so no need for any tools here.

[U][B]First method:[/B][/U]

[li][U][B]For CDs[/B][/U]
[li]Start Alcohol open the [I]Image Making Wizard[/I]
[/li]> [li]Choose your optical drive with your CD you want to backup
[/li]> [li]For SafeDisc protected games use [I]SafeDisc[/I] profile
[/li]> [li]For SecuROM protected games use [I]SecuROM *NEW (4/5/7)[/I] profile
[/li]> [li]Click [I]Next[/I] and choose the [I]Image Location[/I] where you save your image
[/li]> [li]Hit [I]Next[/I] and set your [I]Measuring Speed[/I] for the [I]DPM function[/I] which will just appear for the SecuROM settings not for SafeDisc settings (Choose a low [I]Measuring Speed[/I] for CDs for a better result like 1x to 16x times you may have to test a bit with your CD/DVD drive/s which speed is the best. I’m always using speed between 1x to 4x with my Toshiba)
[/li]> [li]While you’re reading the DPM don’t touch your PC and close all unnecessary processes, from my own experience you’ll get a better result
[/li]> [li]When the dumping process is done mount your image using DTools
[/li]> [/ul]

How to u do this with ALCOHOL??? U got any picture guides/walkthroughs???
And, what if i want it on a disc???

You select the image you created via DTools or Alcohol (choose one) and then mount it so it will appear in winodws explorer as a disc.

I suggest you read the guide and read the manual of Alcohol/DTools everything should be well explained there and then give it try you’ll see it’s quite simple. Learning by doing if there’s a [B]special problem[/B] ask but first try it [B]yourself[/B].


I have another game, Civilization 4, and made a mini image backup just after i posted this thread. I was don playing the game today using the original disc, bus when i took the disc from the drive, it fell and when i was looking for it, i rolled my chair back and cracked it. I thought i still had the mini image. When I mounted it using DAEMON Tools. it loaded and said to insert the correct disc. WHAT DO I DO???

^ Contact the game’s distributor and ask for a replacement of the broken disc. Most will replace a damaged disc for a fairly nominal amount if you can prove purchase of the original.