Backing up eeprom



Finally got my new drive, benq 1620 and the firmware is B7L9. Before I update anything I want to backup the eeprom. I got used to this coming from the LiteOn drives. I couldn’t find anything here on eeprom backup.

Please advice.



There is no tool to backup the eeprom or the firmware and nothing like mtkflash to recover a dead looking drive.


Thanks for the info.

Got my first burn scan. It looked great until it got towards the end! I don’t know what caused the increase in PI Erros :frowning: Please help!

Media is FujiFilm 8x DVD+R burnt using CloneDVD. Will try another burn.


Usually they burn perfect. Check the disk surface.
Scan @8x and save the images as .png file next time :slight_smile:


ala42, before I read your reply I was actually looking at the disc surface and found some kind of defect towards the end of the disc. It’s not a scratch or a smudge…seems like a defect of some kind inside the surface. Pretty weird. I compared it to another disc from the same batch and the other ones don’t have that defect. Will try to burn another one. Thanks!


Wow…the next one I burnt scanned much better! I’m new at reading these scans so any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks! :cool:


Nice burn, in the future you may want to do your scans @8X. Will make them a little more comparable to the majority of scans posted here…


Thx pcdoc, will try it now @ 8x.


Here’s the 8x Scan:


marv117- Well life is good isn’t it?


I’d flash to B7T9 if you have any additional problems. Most likely with your first burn was the you got the “First DVD in the spindle” syndrome… seems like that first disc always has a tendancy to coaster, hehe.

Nice burn though, looks like your drive is working well!


Thanks for the feedback guys.

Here’s another scan using my 50 pack Sony 8x +R TaiyoYuden T02. It gets bad towards the end :frowning: I’ll try the newest firmware tonight after work.


I know, it will not improve the burn quality, but please save the images as .png files. They are 3x shorter and lossless.


Thanks for the suggestion ala42. Will do that from this point on :slight_smile:


Was Dodgeball burned at 16x speed. TY02 burn great at 12x speed. I tried burning them at 16x speed but didn’t like the results. My scan looks like yours.

Burn those TY02 at 12x speed and you be happy with the quality.


Yup, what cor808 said. :iagree:


Thanks, but all my burns are done at 12x.

It’s weird because the T02’s from the fuji batch scanned great and got a 97% score.
But the T02’s from the sony batch scanned bad towards the end and got a 35% score.

I will try to burn another sony disc tonight and see what happens.


Maybe TY02 from TDK are a sort of B grade???, Are those TDK TY02 also made in Japan?

Burn A TDK TY02 at 8x speed, just to see what the effect is on the burn quality.
I’ve had all kind of different quality issues with Ritek R03 media.
Ritek R03 > Ridata = low PIE and low PIF very good
Ritek R03 > Arita = high PIE and low PIF
Ritek R03 > Ritek A grade = low PIE high PIF

I’m glad I could buy Fujifilm TY02 :slight_smile:


Where here is my second burn / scan.

Still same movie, on Sony 8x DVD+R Taiyo Yuden T02, burnt using CloneDVD @ 12x, scanned at 8x. A little better than the first scan.


Here’s another burn / scan, but this time using the fuji 8x dvd+r.

Fujifilm Taiyo Yuden’s seems to be better than the Sony Taiyo Yudens.