Backing up EA Games for PS2

Hey all,
I’m having trouble playing my personally backed up Electronic Arts for ps2. Or more specifically EA Sports games for ps2. I use a Duo 2 chip and alcohol 120% to make and write the image. Though when i try to play it, it goes straight to the red misty “please insert a disc of playstation 2 format…” screen. I believe i have to patch it some how, how can i do this?

use this software:
NEO EA PATCHER 04 beta, UltraISO and Alcohol


Thanks your a legend champ

Duo 2 chip is the problem ea games detect the chip use a patcher to remove the check routine, some of them are listed as above

normaly, your chip schould do it and you have to use DVD-R not DVD+R

ive seen what written in here guys ive searched all over for info on this patch and how it works im just running into dead ends does it really exist for ps2 games and does it work any help would be appreciated ty