Backing Up DVD's



After spending the last few days browsing this site, I had a question come to mind that maybe someone can provide some insight on. I’ve read that when burning a DVD that you should have the proper media and burner but haven’t found anything related to transferring from the ROM drive to the HD. When backing up a DVD to the HD, does the quality of the DVD-ROM drive itself matter and if so, how much of an effect would this have when burning to DVD?


The drive itself should have no effect on the quality of the video. A successful rip will be a perfect digital copy of the information on the disk.

Some drives will rip movies more quickly, but the end result should be the same.


Thanks for the quick reply. My current DVD burner is a POS so I didn’t want to start ripping until the new one came in if the quality of the ROM would cause a problem. Just ordered my new Lite-On yesterday!