Backing up DVD's

Hi guys, this is a genuine question. I’m trying to back up some DVD’s that I own. I’ve managed to decrypt them onto my hardrive so that they are now VOB files in a VIDEO_TS folder. I’ve been unable to put these on a DVD though. Please help!

If you have NERO or ROXIO it should be able to burn your file. I do not know what you used for ripping, but you may have to compress it to fit on DVD5 (folder should not be larger than 4.3 GB). For that you can use DVD Shrink (Free) or DVD Rebuilder = better.
Shrink will loose all the menus.
Or you can burn them to double layer DVD, no compression needed.
I use Nero Recode it works fine for me. Some people use ImgBurn (Free), but you need image file for that one.

Thanks. I tried to do it through Windows DVD Maker, should I have used Nero instead? In Nero what do you select? The ‘make a Video CD’ option?

According to your firs post you have DVD on your HD. You did not say what size it is.
If you backed up commercial DVD, most likely it is made for double layer DVD.
Nero will do DVD9=(double layer DVD). Use Nero Recode to do it.
First name the folder where your sub folder VIDEO_TS is (Most likely name of your movie).
Create other sub folder AUDIO_TS in there, this one will be empty (no files inside).
Open NERO Recode and locate your Movie folder. Nero will start working.
If you want to use single layer DVD, you will have to compress your original, like I said before.

You should be able to easily burn these files with Nero Burning ROM “New Compilation” function.

What version of Nero do you have? I don’t know ‘New Compilation’… is it overly difficult? I’m pretty basic in my computer skills, but I am learning. How do you do it?

Here it is:


you’ll have to select “DVD-Video” option from the left part of that screen. If the options given there, are too comlicated, then just switch to Nero Express and select DVD Video there. Also read the help files, that came with Nero.
Also worth checking out: