Backing up DVD's with several programs



I have a DVD drive and a DVD Burner.
The programs I have are:

DVD Shrink
DVD Decrypter
Nero 6 Ultra Edition (Nero Recode 2)

When the movie I try to backup is copy protected I use DVD Shrink. When it’s not I use Nero Recode 2. They both work great, especially Nero Recode 2. Though there is a problem with DVD Shrink.

I tried to back up my trusty Wu Tang Clan: Disciples of the 36 Chambers today in DVD Shrink. It took 2 hours to do the analyzation and encoding… then when it was going to burn it said that the file is too big.
I had compression to automatic and everything. But It still said it was too big.

I also tried CloneDVD but in the end it still said the dvd size is too big for burning onto the blank dvd.

I also do not like to take out any of the extra stuff out since I want to backup my DVD’s as a whole, and not some parts missing.
Does anyone know how to do this in DVD Shrink, or CloneDVD? Or if there is an easier program that lets me burn it while compressing in one easy painless process?

Thank you.


I am not very sure how DVD Shrink works (I haven’t tried it yet).
However, I think for Clone DVD you need to have a disk big enough that the movie will fit on it. It is likely that you may need a double layer DVD or something to copy the movie, if your DVD Burner supports it. You can probably check the size of the original DVD using Windows Explorer. The size of a normal DVD is about 4.37GB (the boxes say 4.7, but using the same system that Windows does, 4.37 is more precise), of a double layer is about twice that.
I do believe there must be an option to fit a larger movie on a normal disc, using DVD Shrink, but again, I have not used the program to give precise directions.


But the movie itself is only 4.8 gigs, and it is saying it can not fit onto a 4.4 gb disc.
Plus DL discs are way too expensive.


With Clone dvd you can select the option clone dvd, it copies all the stuff like extras etc.
select your output file like folder or burning directly to disc!


I know it does that, that is exactley what I did.
But after the copying to the hard drive and once it starts to burn the data to the DVD it says that the blank DVD does not have enough space.


Are you sure you don’t have maybe selected dvd-9 for output size, in this case you’d
have the whole dvd without any losses?


Oh… is that it? I do have DVD-9 for output size, what should I change it to?

I really appreciate you helping me by the way. Thank you very much.


Yes, just change it to DVD-5, so will clonedvd fit the output to this size, i guess your file
was like you mentioned about 4.8gb, isn’t it? :wink:


I just changed it to DVD-R.
DVD-5 is what the output setting was set to. My mistake, not DVD-9 but DVD-5. And that is when it said the file was too big when I had it set to DVD-5.
Lets hope it works :smiley:


God damnit since the video quality is 48% it will not burn it since it says it is compressed too much and bad quality will happen.
What do I do now? :frowning:


You can split it to 2 dvd discs, but normally if you said the whole dvd is about 4.8gb,
it should normally work


2 discs? How will that work? how would it split the movie? Will it say insert disc 2 or something?


Yes, something like that, you can keep the full dvd without quality loss, burning on 2 dvds. In Clone dvd you’ve for example, in the movie preview a little cissor, where you can cut the chapters, like chapter 1-7 keeping on the first disc, the rest on the second, for
example! You could do this manually!


Okay thanks. What is the difference between DVD-5 and DVD-R?
It’s in the output settings.


Dvd-5 is the little brother of dvd-9(DL) with a single layer(4.37gb) and dvd-r means the
format of the media, you’ve seen in shops +R and -R formats with the same capacity, so
they’re called Dvd-5 :wink: