Backing up DVDs with Plextools

I’d like to know (if) how DVD backups fare with Plextools, either standard Plextools PRO or Plextools PRO XL. I’d hate to waste a blank DL disc to check it out for myself (el cheapo :stuck_out_tongue: ). Of course, I have AnyDVD.

DL movie discs are my main concern.



What in heavens are you talking about???!!?? I simply asked other members how and if Plextools would back up my own DVDs.

Nothing in the rules you quoted applies to my query. :confused:

why do tou want to use plextools to do that when they are plenty of freeware doing this very well like ImgBurn or even DVDdecrypter properly configured with anyDVD

PTP will not allow you to copy anything with copy protection.

Ehm, you mentioned AnyDVD might be necessary to copy your own dvd’s. That’s funny. You ought to have thought before you placed a copy protection scheme on them.


If I wish to back up a few of my DVD movies that I purchased and own, many of them expensive imports that would be difficult if not impossible to replace, what method do you recommend? When I say “my own” DVDs, I refer to [B]my own purchased commercial DVDs[/B]. Sorry if that was not clear or if you didn’t understand what I was referring to.

I asked a legitimate question on the Forum, but it’s apparent that you’re trolling for no purpose I can understand other than troublemaking.

I use ImgBurn almost exclusively for DL backups, and DVDdecrypter with DVD Rebuilder Pro with a variety of encoders for other large-disc-to-SL backups.

I was just curious if anyone had used Plextools’ DVD copy function. Guess not many people do…

As it is, even making copies of your own stuff is starting to become illegal in more an more countries around the world. As a basic rule we’d like this forum clean of any illegal activities. Since it’s extremely difficult to judge a users legal situation, it migth be a good idea if in such cases either more information is provided by the user himself or it’s asked of him, before giving an answer. This would prevent misunderstandings. Just pointing out the forum rules is correct in the ‘better safe than sorry’ way but may not necessarily be an correct answer to the actual situation.

As for the original question: No version Plextools is intended or capable of defeating any kind of copy-protecton.

PTP with AnyDVD enabled will let you backup copy protection discs. However as moomsman mentioned in post#4, you will be better off using other ripper such as DVD Decrypter and others as they give you more features (rip as ISO, files, main movie only, etc) while PTP only allows you to rip as pxi and iso, or on-the-fly copy.

That was not his original question:I think he would like to know if PTP or PTP XL is good for reading and burning DL discs not like Nero that sometimes fails burning DL discs.And yes i use PTP/PTP XL for DL burns

As for the original question: No version Plextools is intended or capable of defeating any kind of copy-protecton.[/QUOTE]

It’s been an exasperating experience attempting to communicate something so simple – perhaps it’s my English?? Or lack thereof on the part of some responses?? Allow me to clarify, for the last time:

  1. In my [B]original question[/B] I was only curious if Plextools would do DVD backups in conjunction with AnyDVD, as stated in my original post. There was no mention of illegal copying.

  2. I furthermore stated that I wanted to backup DL discs that I have purchased and own – as subsequently stated; the ones I’m mainly concerned with are difficult-to-find import titles (foreign films and operas) that I purchased from abroad, as I’d like to keep the originals safe from damage from a clumsy roommate :slight_smile:

  3. I understand that making backups of said material falls into some current legal gray areas – fair use notwithstanding. That said, if nobody wants to discuss anything related to this topic, I suggest that CD Freaks eliminate all the forums that deal with such issues. For example, all the groups under the [I]“CD & DVD Copy Protection”[/I] heading; or how about the [I]“Copy DVD Movie”[/I]?

I trust you get my point. If not, I suggest some refresher courses in reading comprehension and even perhaps a few in basic Logic. Sorry if I sound testy…not my style; an apology to the few objective readers who read and understood my question.

My reason for wondering about using PTP or PTP XL for DL burns was prompted by a particular DVD of mine for which IMGburn couldn’t find a good layer break to select. Not wanting to chance it, I ended up using CloneDVD to back it up – which has been the best solution to LBs I’ve found yet. Plextools may offer a similar solution, so I thought, and provide an even better burn.

Sheesh! :rolleyes:

Thanks for the input (finally!!). I just wanted to hear from someone who has successfully used Plextools for DL backups. And no layer break issues?