Backing up dvd's on a mac

Hello I have been backing up dvd’s for a while, using 1 click dvd copy, and dvd43, on my pc

A co-worker has a mac, and recently purchased popcorn to backup his dvd’s
is their a program like dvd43, that will work in the background on a mac???
any help would be greatly appreciated

Doesn’t OSX come with a built-in dvd burning app ?

Can not burn encrypted dvd’s. I have no problem burning dvd’s that are not encrypted

roxio popcorn compresses 9 gb dvds to fit onto a 5 gb dvd and burns it to disc. it does work in the background. it works great.

I also have POPCORN, but I’m experiencing a big problem writing backup. Since Mac dvd backup software is pretty limited, there’s not that much of a choice. And the ones the are out DVDZone2One, doesn’t work write. Popcorn seems to answer that but it’s given me a “buffer underrun” message quarter way into the burning. And as far as I can tell disc burned from Popcorn is in file form, not auto play like a normal DVD. Has anybody else experienced this with Popcorn? I use DVD Backup to import the movie to my hard drive (it gets rid on the css encryption and region), then use Popcorn to compress and burn it to disc. But like in the past, compress and burn with Mac software is frustrating, because nothing works as easy as PC (so far). Ranting: And why does Elby put out CloneDVD2 for Mac in Japanese and not anywhere else?!! I know there is a big Mac population in Japan, but come on, what are we, chop liver?