Backing up DVD's confused as to best software

After reading back through several pages of threads I think my head has finally exploded with the kazillions of programs suggested to copy DVD’s. It seems that different pieces of software will do different things and it is basically a case of matching up your preferences with the right program.

Basically I am trying to back up my DVD’s by ripping the movie to my Hard drive and then burning it to DVD disc.

Ideally I would like to rip the film to a file extension that will be compatable with DVD decryptor and will burn to disc using that program.

Also I am looking to burn to single layer 4.7GB discs and NOT dual layer.

I would like to make an EXACT copy of my DVD’s (including menus, chapters, extras etc) where possible.
I have read that there will be a distinct shift in the quality of the image if I attempt to fit it onto a single layer 4.7GB disc If this is likely to happen, is there a program where I can select certain parts of the film to rip (ie the movie and one extra) to keep the quality. OR is there a program that someone knows of where it is possible to shrink the file size without loosing too much quality.

The films I will be backing up are your run of the mill DVD’s with a few extras (creep and wrong turn to name a couple), NOT epics like Titanic or Lord of The Rings which have masses of extras based on the creation of the film.
With this in mind how much data is likely to be stored on these discs? As if it is likely to be under 4.7GB in he first place, then all this stressing about shrinking and loosing quality is giving me needless high blood pressure.

Thank you in advance for any help given

I am a stone cold noob at this, but they helped me do this the other day and i used 2 apps that seem to be the freeware standards for doing this and they worked great. DVDdecrypter and DVDshrink. Worked perfect and fast. I just used Decrypter to copy an ISO image to HD. then open shrink and it offers to remove any extras or leave them all as you want to do. By default it burns it all. Tho i removed other languages. There is also a convenient check box in shrink’s settings that asks if you want to burn with DVD decrypter, so i would suggest installing decrypter first so that when you install shrink it will see decrypter on your system and put a checkbox in the settings for it. (don’t know if it will do that once installed if you install decrypter after shrink) Anyway, that checkbox allows it to automatically open decrypter after shrink is done and begin burning, so it removes one more manual step.

Shrink automatically resizes to the size of a standard single sided DVD by default, so i didn’t mess with any settings as far as that goes. But it’s a simple and efficiat pair of apps that work well and quick together. I have a friend that uses Xcopy and says it takes him an hour plus, while these took me just about 45 min. I’m really 100% satisfied with how perfect and quick they worked. I see no reason to look elsewhere, but again i’m a noob so who knows what i’ll wanna do different down the line.

DVDdecrypter and DVDshrink is the best freeware and I do use them.

I mostly use Slysoft’s CloneDVD2 with Anydvd though, fast simple and great quality.

I highly recommend using the following free software if quality is most important.

DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0, Download, Guide
PSL2 plugin v2.14, Download, Guide
DVD Rebuilder v0.97, Download, Guide
ImgBurn v1.3.0.0, Download, Guide

My method is to run AnyDVD (latest version available), rip in “file mode” with DVD Decrypter and then use DVDShrink in “reauthor” mode selecting “movie only” then use “Set Start/End Frames” to remove all frames up to the acutal beginning of the movie and removes all frames after the movie including the credits. This gives the least amount of compression when going to a SL disc. Save in ISO and burn with ImgBurn (latest version available).
When I want to burn to dual/double layer media I just rip in ISO mode with DVD Decrypter again with AnyDVD running then burn the ISO with ImgBurn.

Works for me.

I agree with pchilson and Magedeth. AnyDVD is great because they get an update out very quickly after new protection schemes are released. I also like CloneDVD2 because it works so well with AnyDVD. Slysoft has been excellent in answering any questions iIcould not figure out or find on this site.


Sorry, but I don’t understand why you run AnyDVD if you are using DVDdecrypter to rip the movie and shrink to cut it down.

Sorry if this is a thick question

Basically there are some new protections that DVD Decrypter can’t handle & the use of AnyDVD overcomes that problem.

I would agree with what others have said. dvd decryptor and shrink are the best free ones. Dvd decryptor got shut down by macrovision though, so it may not get past newer copy protections (like macrovision ripguard). The version that everyone is using is kind of a final version (the last version that was avalable before they got shut down). It works great with most movies.

Should you ever want to burn dual layer, use dvd decryptor and imgburn. Imgburn is written by the same author as dvd decryptor and is currently updated, but lacks ripping capabilities (due to the macrovision thing). rip with decryptor and burn with imgburn.

If you run into a movie that has advanced copy protection that dvd decryptor canot deal with, there are free programs like dvd fab decryptor, vob blanker etc. that can usally get past it (most of the time) though you may have to try several diffrent programs to find one that works with that particular movie.

Anydvd is nice because it runs in the background and gets rid of the copy protection. You can use most programs and it will apear as if the copy protection was never there. you can skip the seperate ripping stage. It is updated often for new copy protections so there is no hassle trying diffrent free softwares to find one that works. If anydvd doesn’t work with a particular movie (something that just came out), you can pretty much rest asured that within a week or two (often a day or two), there will be a new version that will work.
if you are going to just use it for copying movies, clone dvd 2 is from the same people and designed to work with anydvd plus it is a very good program. Sometimes copy protection attacks a flaw in the burning program (like the out of memory thing) and clone dvd is updated for stuff like that. If you already have burning/compressing software that you like, anydvd has a good chance of working with it. Personaly I use nero 6 though in a few instances where nero wouldn’t work with a movie (even with anydvd), clonedvd and anydvd did work.