Backing up: DVD Videos (DVD Shrink V.3.2.)

To back up a DVD video, download “DVD SHRINK”. Google search “DVD shrink free download” and you will get a download page ;).


[1] Run DVD Shrink

[2] Insert the encrypted DVD into your DVD drive

[3] Go back to DVD Shrink. Click on the “Open Disc” button at the top-left hand corner of the program.

[4] Select the DVD drive in which your DVD is inserted. Usually the “D:” or “E:” drive. (The drive with the disc inserted will have a title)

[5]It Is now “opening” the disc (decrypting the disc)

[6]Once that is done, click on the folder “Main Movie” and select whatever file is in there to play.

[7]Now hit the “Backup!” button at the top of the screen.

[8]Hit the OK button. It is now re-encoding the movie.

[9]I am using the movie “Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy” , so it would be saved under the directory C://HGGOEUW1/

[10]You can then watch that movie from your hard drive by hitting the “Open Files” button at the top of the screen.

Enjoy your DVD

Hey Tommytutone or …whatever…Just a quick question…you get out much?

while this is an accurate guide, there are already plenty of guides available for dvd shrink. i’d say the more the merrier, but dvd shrink can no longer handle copy protections on most major new releases so it must be used in conjunction with an updated decrypter.

also, i’m not sure if your last line is a joke or what, but yeah…I’m just going to leave it at that.

I do get out much, and that wasn’t a joke.