Backing up DVD problem!

Hi! I’m having a problem with backing up my DVD. I’m hoping someone can help. I’m sure this has happened to other people. I recently bought The Guardian on DVD and would like to back it up as I do with all my DVDs. I’m using DVD Shrink 3.2 but the program won’t work. When I click Open Disk, Shrink freezes up for a time then goes on to analyze but then reads DVD SHRINK ENCOUNTERED ERROR AND CANNOT CONTINUE. DATA ERROR. So, I tried to re-author just the movie itself but same thing happens. I tried other programs such as DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD but nothing works. I heard a rumor that a new type of an encryption in on new DVDs. Is that true? I would please like any help anybody can give me. Thanks.

Welcome beowulf22385,

I did a little research and it seems to work well with maybe you give it a try and read the tutorial on their website before you use it to avoid problems.

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If memory serves me, when I backed up my copy of The Guardian, it did have protections that required more than DVD Decryptor or shrink for that matter could handle. RipIt4Me handled it prefectly. The reason I remember, I cant imagine spending more time or money to protect a Kevin Costner movie. :bigsmile: