Backing Up DVD Movies

I am trying to backup my existing DVD collection onto DVD-R, to protect the originals, and it doesnt seem to be working very well.
The burner I am using is a LiteOn 48x CD-R/RW 4x DVD DVD-R/RW drive, I have 515MB Ram and an AMD 1.4Ghz machine.
The software I am using to rip the movie is DVD Shrink, and I am taking just the movie so there is no compression and it all fits onto one blank DVD of 4.7GB. I am then burning the video files using CopyToDVD, and have also tried DVD Decrypter. In both cases, the DVD burns ok but jumps and sometimes stops completely - not once have I been able to backup a DVD completely without it stopping while playing in my DVD player (which is a Panasonic DVD, which is compatible with DVD-R/RW).
Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

I’d suggest your media is the problem or your Panasinic doesnt like that particular type. Try other brands of media, even -R or +R. I use Ritek and they play flawlessly every time on mine and my mates DVD Players.

Sorry I forgot to mention the media I am using.
I have tried Princo, Verbatim and Shintaro brands - none seems to work better than the other, all stopping.

Shintaros are made by Princo and belong to the bottom of the pile quality wise. Verbatum, no idea never used them. Try some +R’s then.