Backing up DVD Movies to HDD



Is it possible to simply copy a DVD Movie off the shelf, onto my PC HDD, for playback on PC (say, using TheaterTek player)?

I would like to create a folder for movies on the HDD, rather then copy to a blank DVD-R (sometimes).

Will AnyDVD/CloneDVD allow this?

New to this sh*t… Great stuff! Tanx!


using the CloneDVD2 AnyDVD combo simply select the output method as “DVD files” or “ISO\UDF” and specify the loacation you want the files or image to be stored. I am not familiar with your software player but I use WinDVD6 and it allows me to choose the source for playback I assume most software players have this feature. simply choose the file you want to play.


dvd decrypter can do this.


Thanks guys…

Will try it. Theater Tek is an extremely high quality DVD playback program for HTPC.

Oh, and don’t forget to purchase the DVD case for your backup at:

Purchased 50 of these DVD cases… not bad. Cheap price, even when I break one… who cares… less then 35 cents each. Print out the DVD covers and slide it in the case. Hell, if you had a color printer… you could damn near create a perfect clone of a DVD movie from the store shelf! :wink:



Not familiar with TT. However, you should be able to launch AnyDVD and copy the entire VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to the hard drive. VIDEO_TS contains ALL the data for proper playback.


Done! Flawless copy to HDD. Playback is great.

Looks like it’s time to add a 200-300Gig HDD just for movies! :bigsmile:

TT is nice, check it out:

A bit pricey, but well worth it. Complete control and outstanding playback possible right through your PC. Enjoy.