Backing up DVD movies on the fly, a faster way?

Hi Everyone,

I am currently using CloneDVD to backup my DVD collection, and I recently purchased an external DVD burner. So my question is what would be a good program to use to copy directly disc to disc for my DVD movies, most of which are copy protected. The main reason I am wanting to do this is that it takes about an hour or more to rip the DVD to my HD and then another 30 - 45 mins to burn the DVD…is there any faster way? Thanks for any help

I think that 1 hour to rip the movie is a bit excessive. A full DL disc requires about 15 minutes to be ripped.

Check if DMA is enabled (see link in my signature) :slight_smile:

Yes DMA is enabled.

Check the current setting, not the selected one. Many people mistakes this point :flower:

If DMA is enabled, there is a serious issue somewhere because as I said 1 hour to rip only the disc is a too long time. Is the disc you are ripping badly scratched?

The primary IDE channel says Ultra DMA Mode 5 for the device 0 and Not Aplicable for Device 1 and the secondary channel says Ultra DMA Mode 2 for device 0 and not applicable for device 1

So you have a hard disc on the primary IDE and the burner on the secondary IDE, and that’s good.

Try to buy a new IDE cable (an 80 wires one is not an absolute must, but it’s certainly better than an old 40 wires cable).

Check also if discs are heavily scratched or dirty. Often cleaning the disc solve :slight_smile:

I am using my laptop…I don’t think I am able to change the cables in it on my own. The discs are in like new condition. Any other options.

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your help, I REALLY appreciate it!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

oops I didn’t know that you are using a laptop :doh:

Most of times laptop drives are much slower than regular drives. Can you run a little test? Run CD-DVD speed (see in my signature where to get it; it’s free and it doesn’t require any installation), then insert a disc in the drive (NOT a blank one) and go to menu Run Test --> Burst Rate

Can you post the value here?

here’s the info…
[15:47:53] Drive: HP DVD Writer 1040d EH25
[15:47:53] Disc: DVD-Video, 6.14 GB,
[15:48:07] Starting burst rate test
[15:48:08] Interface burst rate: 22 MB/sec (22036 KB/sec)
[15:48:08] Elapsed Time: 0:01

The value is good. I just did the same test and I got 24 MB/s (I am able to do 18x burnings with this drive).

Other than a heavily scratched disc at the moment I’m not able to find a cause for such a slow rip speed.

Techincally, it is possible to back up DVD-Video discs on-the-fly but in your case (as geno88 pointed out) you need to consider:

  • your laptop dvd burner will usually read/burn at 8x CAV max, which will start at 4x and increase to 8x at the end, or at layer break. Meanwhile your external DVD burner, if you purchase a newer model it will usually supported at higher speed (16-20x).
  • Due to difference of read/burn speed method, there will be lag of data transfer to one of the burner.
  • Most DVD-Video discs are protected as you already know but on top of that, most of them are DVD-Video dual layer. If you plan on burning dual layer (DL) to single layer (SL) then on-the-fly won’t work as you need to encode first.
  • If you plan on burning SL to SL and DL to DL, would you be willing sacrifice a blank DL media if something goes wrong during on-the-fly burning?

In any case, for on-the-fly burning you will need a tool to remove the copy protection, ie AnyDVD, and to burn ie ImgBurn. I have tried burning on-the-fly copy protected DVD-Video disc, single layer with these two tools. However it was a simple CSS protection and not the newer and difficult ones. The title was Thunderbolt region 1, it’s a single layer DVD-Video disc.

If you want to try:

  • enable AnyDVD
  • run ImgBurn in Build Mode
  • drag Audio_TS and Video_TS folders from original disc to ImgBurn
  • In ImgBurn, select the second burner as destination
  • Burn at lower speed, ie 4x, 6x or 8x.

Let us know. :wink:

Thanks for the info…I am not currently using DL discs but I will get some and try that sometime this week. The main reason I was interested in on the fly burning is to decrease the amount of time I have to spend doing these backups. Thanks again for any help.

I just did the burst rate speed.
Plextor 716A 16x…
burst rate 39mb/sec…
guess that’s good?

[QUOTE=jesseburton;1950162]Yes DMA is enabled.[/QUOTE]

DMa is not enough. Which exact DMA mode is on?