Backing up DVD file's with nero

I just backed up the Dark Knight to my PC with nero, but when I go to the file I can’t file watch it as a whole it’s all broke up in smaller files. How do I make it a whole, How do I use it with all of my programs like DAEMON Tools lite, Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker. D@mn this sh!t can get complicated!

Nero cannot decrypt a commercial dvd and put it on the hard drive. For that you need a different tool.

Try DVDFab HD Decrypter to decrypt and rip the movie to the hard drive. You can do so in file mode or as an ISO image file of the dvd.

Be aware that as you use the free section, you will be using up the free 30 day trial of the main program, but the free section will continue to function even after the trial.

In file format, the dvd will be in a Video_TS folder, which contains .vob, ifo and bup files. As an ISO you can mount it in Daemon tools virtual drive if you like. Windows Media player doesn’t play dvds unless you have a dvd decoder installed. I suggest using VLC media player which can handle either dvd files or play an ISO directly without mounting it in a virtual drive.

i think i know what OP needs to do :wink: (im assuming it’s already decrypted)

if you got a VIDEO_TS folder? … use ImgBurn in build mode and it will make it into a .ISO file which then you can load into daemon tools and then use your dvd player software of choice (i generally like ‘The KMPlayer’ for pretty much al video playback on the PC) and it will play it like a standard dvd.

Thanks I have AnyDVD ( and have no problem decrypting. I having trouble how to back them up, How can I make those files whole and not make the same mistake again. How can I convert files once their like this, can I use 7-zip?::confused:

i have 7-zip … it’s just a archive program… nothing to do with backing up a dvd like your trying to do.

but the files you do have is it a VIDEO_TS folder with a whole bunch of 1GB VOB files etc?

also if i recall correctly… i dont think ANYDVD can transcode the files… so if you decrypted the original files from a DVD9 (i.e. original disc) you will most likely need a program to compress it to fit onto a single DVD5 (4.7GB) disc.

so what’s you basically working with?

Can I convert to a whole ISO, can I write them as a whole with nero and cloneDVD2 I don’t have imgburn?

What exactly is your proposed use for the dvd video files? Do you want to back up to a recordable disk? Do you want to convert to another format (like mp4 or avi)? Do you just want a single mpeg2 file?

There are solutions for each of these, but I’m not sure what you want to do.

Edit: and to answer your last question. Yes, you can burn an ISO with Nero. It will have to be the right size to fit your target disk however.
I’ll let someone else answer about CloneDVD2 since I don’t use it.

I also made it to fit a 8.5 disc.

I want it to be able to watch on my PC, write it for a 8.5 disc and be able screw and chop it with my windows movie maker for a U tube video.

Is there a way to make universal?

Well we can’t help you upload commercial copyright protected stuff to YouTube.

This is your second warning about this kind of thing.

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