Backing up dvd collection on HDD player

i recently purchased an External HDD media player enclosure ( and a 500GB hd drive to back up my movies and keep all my files on, and i’m wondering what program would you recommend to backup complete dvds. i’ve looked at a few different programs like dr.divx but it doesn’t keep the menus intact.

DvdFab Gold/Plat. will back-up the whole movie with just this one program on SL or DL discs.

AnyDVD can be used but you have to use other programs compress it if your using SL discs, and burn to disc.

Links for these programs are in my sig.

thanks but i and not burning anything, i was hoping for a program that rips the complete dvd (original menu, bonus features, subtitles, ect) to a single file or maybe with a separate subtitle file that will work with the hard drive enclosure i have.

recently purchased a hdd media player enclosure and would like to watch dvd backups through it with original title menus, bonus features, subs, ect. i know a few apps like Divx author and dr.divx let you make your own titles but is there a way to use the original title menus from dvd’s? is a link to the Hdd media player, has file formats and stuff if that helps at all.

I’ve found DVDShrink in conjuncture with AnyDVD works fine. You can save it as an iso file (or there’s a couple other options, like burning it with a link to Nero). Then when you want to watch the movie, just mount the iso file & point your favorite media player in its direction.

Just use DVD Fab Decrypter and rip the whole movie to a folder and then you can use any player to play it. Even Windows Media Player. It will be the same as putting the original DVD in the player.