Backing up DVD-Audio?

I have a number of DVD-audio discs. These are quite expensive (much more so than CDs) and I don’t want anything to happen to them. These discs contain a high resolution PCM track, compressed with MLP, and encrypted with something else than CSS apparently.

So far, I haven’t found any way to make a backup of these discs that would play in my Pioneer DV-655A DVD-Audio player in my living room. Has anyone succeeded ? And if so, with what software ?

Hi madbrain,

i’m not very familiar with DVD-Audio Discs, but did you try ripping them to your harddrive using DVD Decrypter to get rid of the CSS protection and burning them on a DVD using your favorite Burning Software. Maybe it’ll work :slight_smile:

There’s a tool named: DVD Audio Extractor.

Check this :wink:


Good to know XpProf :slight_smile:

I already tried DVD decrypter. It claims to decrypt the disc to the hard drive, but when I burn the backup, it just won’t play in my DVD-audio player.


I checked it out. There is some confusion. This tool extracts audio tracks from DVD-Video discs.

It doesn’t extract audio from DVD-Audio discs, which are a different ballgame. In particular, it doesn’t support the MLP audio format that’s used by DVD-audio discs.

Hi all,
I haven’t been able too.
I tryed the disc copy of the entire DVD but it does not play in the DVD Audio. It plays only the DVD Video portion.

Any other ideas?

At the moment, i believe it is not possible to backup DVD-audio discs. The only way to do it at this point is to record the ouputs, convert them into mp3 format and burn to cd.

I know this is probably stupid, what if there was a tool like ISOBuster that would work with DVD-A and just extract the data to make an ISO then burn it back?

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DVD-Audio will be MUCH harder to crack than CSS was. Once a title gets cracked, the ‘key’ is revoked and the hackers must start all over again. And, a ‘key’ only works for one specific title. It will be a tough and interesting battle.

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there is a programe that can do audio dvd’s,it call GOLAND TECH AUDIO DVD can get a cracked version on the web but version 1.5 is the best which i cant find the crack to fix the 14 day will make a audiodvd from WAV or MP3’S,you can fit over 3000 mp3s on one disc and will play in any dvd player that supports mp3 playback as well as car audio that play dvd’s.if anyone can crack version 1.5 can you please tell us cause you got one hell of a good programe there

spready, if the software you mention makes DVD-Audio discs then it should not matter if the drive you play it in supports mp3. DVD-Audio is not just a DVD disc that has music on it such as mp3, wav, etc… This would simply be a DVD-ROM disc. DVD-Audio is a format of it’s own and it does not use CSS encryption like what is used for DVD-Video discs.

Also, you can’t just extract the contents from the original or do a 1 to 1 copy of it. Each sector is encrypted and is not playable as music until it is descrambled.

Currently, the only way to crack DVD-A is a chip that must be soldered in a standalone DVD-A player, that will enable outputting 24/96 SPDIF stereo output.
However, SPDIF doesn’t support 24/192 nor 24/96 multichannel PCM.

The idea of copying the audio scrambled and encrypted, and reburn it scrambled and encrypted is good. It is maybe possible.

Part of the CPPM encryption relies on information that is in the control portion of leadin (sector 0x02F202). This info is currently not writeable by DVD burners. If you burn encrypted data back to a DVD-R, the disc will not be playable. This is because the disc will not indicate to the drive that the data is encrypted (due to the missing info in leadin).

Capturing the music with a soundcard might work. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is, what type of inputs would the soundcard need?

Hey! Could you please send me the Audio DVD Creator version 1.5 setup file? Thank you.

i have copied some dvd audio disksy by the Grateful Dead and the only thing that would do it for me was dvd xcopy platinum, everything else would only make a 2 meg file.