Backing up Dora the explorer titles

Im having a hard time backing up my kids dvds Dora the explorer
City of Lost Toys and Map Adventures , wich i tried to copy them with any dvd and dvd clone, and dvd decrypter; anydvd says it cant break all the keys , but anyway I copied , playing the copied dvds and the player only freezes at the menu… displaying no menu…analysing the original movie i see a pixlated image, wich i think is part of the protection, deleting such image in the copy,it remains still unplayable…any ideas?
I hope i made the things clear… I apoligize for my poor English…

I can more than likely help you with this as I ve just backed up ll our disney movies and ALOT of Sony, Etc Music DVDs. I do need to know the versions of what you are using, please dont say latest or newest, just versions, this way it will help me to help you. I have noticed that alot of the Cartoon DVDs arent as protected as alot of movies are, but then again that could just be me. I dont think Dora has anything special, just maybe you need a little help ripping. So just let me know and Ill do the best I can. I am sure there has got to be other people here who back up the kids DVDs, and if they arent they must be rich. :slight_smile:

My guess? Your version of AnyDVD is ancient. Just my guess.