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I’ve been using DVD+R media for years, but with files getting larger, I’m finding DVD+R harder to backup files with and a pain when I have to split files up.

So that’s why I’ve been researching about backing up data using DVD+DL and came in with the mindset that disc media was not only the cheapest, but the most reliable way to go about backing up data.

But as I researched some more, I found out how many problems DVD+DL meida have compared to DVD+R and that the cost ratio might even be neutralized between that of the external/hard drive enclosures.

So I was wondering what everyone’s take is on backing up media. Should I still go the route of disc media and move on to DVD+DL or should I make a jump to external/hard drive enclosures. The thing is I find disc media more friendly if I suddenly have an urge to access specific data, but I’m worried that if I do so with an external/hard drive enclosure, they will wear out faster than disc media.

Thank you for your time.


At as little as $50 per TeraByte, consider hard drives a feasible media.


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[QUOTE=olyteddy;2529977]At as little as $50 per TeraByte, consider hard drives a feasible media.[/QUOTE]

I agree :iagree: - I still use DVD media for backup, but I also have all the discs’ contents backed up to a WD 1TB external HDD.

Even with Made in Singapore Verbatim discs, I’m not sure I’d trust DL as a (long-term) backup solution. That’s a personal preference though, as I’ve not kept a DL disc for long enough to tell if they’d last a huge amount of time.

Plus it’s generally recommended, if you’re using any kind of optical media as a storage/backup solution, to use at least two sets of discs, made by different manufacturers. With DL media, that could turn out to be quite expensive. :wink:


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2529977]At as little as $50 per TeraByte, consider hard drives a feasible media.[/QUOTE]

I would second that part along with media physical backup just incase. I call those media backup as core backup or reserve incase the HDD fails. But as with any kinda media HDD or dvd media each has pro and cons but have one complement each other is the better way to go if you can afford to do that. I am just now using HDD as backup and not using my Main HDD for data storage since that get accessed the most and only contains the program and O/S not the data. That is one of the better way to prevent data loss if and when the HDD decides to take a vacation on you.