Backing up data to a dvd +r DL



is there any reliable software to back data up to dvd+r DL ?


i supose theres no way to do this ?? would need a way to format dl disc 2 fat 32 like you can with my pansonic ram drive (what i usualy use of backing up data. )


A DL media is not DVD-RAM!

You cannot format a DL media, only burn stuff onto it.

If I were you, I would create an DL sized image file using eg. Nero and then burn it using ImgBurn. Or create it all using ImgBurn.


lol yes i realize that

but wouldnt that be nice if you could ( DL RW )

this is what i was looking for thank you !


ok mabey im not getting it ! i can not seem to figure out how to burn DATA to a dvd of any type other than dvd ram . movies/games no problem but not data from my pc
any guides ?


If you’ve nero for example just select create data cd/dvd drag&drop your files burn them and it should be fine.