Backing up d2 lod using Alcohol?



Hi gang my d2 lod play disc has finally given up and will no longer play so I cant go online and I have lots of high level chars which I dont want to lose, my Q is how do I make a backup from the copy of the backup file image I made of the disc b4 it got scrathed beond use I have alcohol 120% but not to sure if I need to set it to break copy protection etc so an idiots guide would be cool :slight_smile: thanks guys I tried mounting the image using deamon tools but it wouldnt let me play online??? so Im hoping a disc will help.cheers :slight_smile:


Then just burn the image to a CD, but I think it will not work because of copy protections.


Ok so I backed the image to disc and it works fine in single player mode but as soon as I try to use bnet it downloads the newest version and then will not let me play in either single or online modes?? I just get error messeges thefirst being please makesure the expansion disc is in the drive which it is hmmmm please help me as I dont want ot loose all my chars :(thx