Backing up Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2 Disc 1



Hi all:

Searched for this problem here and didn’t find it. If it has been discussed feel free to yell at me and point me in the right direction.

I have Season 2 of Curb and would like to back it up. My current preferred method of backing up movies is using DVD Rebuilder with CCE. I have had great success using this method. When using the same method with disc 1 I get an encoding error from CCE. I did a search on the Doom 9 forums (could find no solution there) and found out that the little HBO intro before each episode (you know…shows HBO logo with all the static, etc) is causing the problem. Apparently all of the pixels going from black to white over and over again cause some buffer problem.
Anyways, I am wondering if I can preserve the structure of the dvd while still being able to edit out the annoying HBO intro logo before each episode. My goal would be to back up the entire dvd (with menus intact, etc) using CCE after having edited each episode so the stupid logo is no longer showing. After having done all of this I would hope that I could pop in the dvd and pick an episode from the menu and have everything work out ok…ie…the episode starts up fine but minus that blasted logo.

So…I’m assuming there is a program that will allow me to do this. I have looked a bit at vob blanker but am unsure that this is the program I need. Also, if I edit out the unwanted material will that make me have to edit the dvd structure so everything is pointing to where it should go? If anyone knows of software that can do this (preferably freeware) and an accompanying guide to get me started I would be grateful.

edit…a little more info…I use decrypter (newest version) in file mode on the main dvd and then use dvd rebuilder with cce to reencode my dvd to fit onto a dvd-5.


did u ever get it to work?