Backing up Copyright protected DVDs?

Hey Im new and I was wondering where I could get a free program that enables you to copy protected DVDs. Thanks!

They’re no longer updated, but I tend to use DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter. I had one stubborn title that Shrink or Decrypter wouldn’t touch, but that’s all.

They’re free, why not give them a try :slight_smile:

yah i have been using both of those actually, never had a problem until this one DVD. kinda wierd, I remember a program u could get…it was like a smiley face on your taskbar that turned red when it was getting passed the copyright. I just cant remember the name of tha damn program…

Well, from your description, it’s definitely not DVDFab Decrypter (which sorted out the stubborn movie mentioned above for me)…unfortunately, I haven’t used anything else, aside from those three - but everyone has a preference here, so I’m sure someone will post soon and advise you. :slight_smile:

I was having a stubbon dvd the other weekend, the old dvd decryper worked for it but had to rip it in file mode with the error settng bumped up to 50, it did the trick though…as always, dvdshrink rocked to squish it down to 4.3 gig…:slight_smile:

DVDFAB decrypter is a freebie that is still being updated, dvd43 is a freeware that runs in the backround to bypass copyright protection, dvdshrink to compress.

dvd43 requires you be running winy2k or winxp

hope this helps, those are all freebies for this kind of rip…:slight_smile: