Backing up Combat Flight Sim 3 and IL-2

I wanted to create back-ups of these games so i could let my kids play my games and not ruin my cd’s. i used cloneCD and the CD’s appear to have copied successfully, they even seem to install the game, but when they try and run them, the game says insert CD even though the CD copy is in the drive. I used YaPS to determine it was safe disk 2 and set the settings for clone cd accordingly using the pre-generated profiles i found on the CD Freaks site. I know this is a noobie question, but what am i doing wrong?

What type of burner do you have and which specific versions of safedisc did YaPs report these games as having?

My burner is a Sony CRX195E1, YaPS reported Safe Disk 2 (2.70.30) for Combat Flight Sim 3, Safe Disk 2 (and Oversize)for IL2, and the media i used was a Memorex 700mb 40x cd-r.

One thing i didn’t mention before is that the copies even auto-run (dont know if that makes a difference, but thought i would add that anyways)


K. White

Safedisc 2.7x protected cds can be copied without undue difficulty with any 2 sheep writer (and I think your writer is a 2 sheep burner).

See this thread for a variety of ways in which you can do so.