Backing up Champions of Norrath HELP! (how to split 8gb ISO into 2 dvd discs?)

Hi Guys,

I have recently bought a copy of Champions of Norrath PS2 Game and am wanting to back it up. The game itself is 8.3 Gigs, as it is on a double layered dvd disc. I have created the 8.3gig ISO of the game with DVD Decrypter. And now i am stuck as to how to divide this into 2 DVD discs (step by step). Is there a guide out there specifically in splitting Champions of Norrath into two?

Please post a link or a solution!


Well maybe this is a lame solution, but it might work… who knows:
How about just pulling all the files off of the game disk, not as an image but as the files, then just copy half to a DVD and half to another… you won’t be able to play with these DVD’s but you’ll have the files backed up for a brighter day (when dl DVD’s are readily available) and you can back the game up on one disk…

Hold on a minute, how do you split a game in two? It’s not even possible.

I don’t think this is possible untill you get a DL drive.

The only way to do this would be to rip the contents from the DVD and remove videos etc etc until you had 4.7GB left to fit on a disc. Without some knowledge in this sector you are going to find it hard to do. Try doing a google on the game and see if anyone has done a step by step guide to doing this.

You will need a program called DVD Shrink. I believe it is available to download for free on the net.

dvdshrink is for transcoding movie dvds, not for manipulating ps2 games.

dvd shrink wont help, i suggest you either rip the movies to save space but this doesnt allways work and the game might crash i reccomend you wait until you get a DL (dual layer) drive.

I am new to this forums and my english is not very good, because I am from germany but I can tell you that it is possible to split those 8.3gb ps2 games into two pieces and burn them on two 4.38gb dvd discs. But unfortunately I can’t tell you how this works but I do have a splittet copy of CoN so it is obvious that it works!!


ok, did you split it yourself or did somebody do it for you