Backing Up C&C Yuris Revenge

i use clone cd anyone know how to back it up sucessfully? any help would be a help

i use clonyxxl then tells me the protection i take profile in clonecd burn it works ok.

i use punctuation and grammar not to make easy question ok ?

My “Yuris Rache” was SD 2.51. Removed “[plz view]”.

Stormy, could you please tell us which CD Writer you own?

Quite interesting. Safedisc Analyser reports that my version of C&C:YR is SD2.40.010 which is still copyable with those one sheep burners (Plextors). You can use AWS or Betablocker if your burner is neither a one or two sheep burner.

I managed to do a backup using alcohol 120% using my tdk 48x24x48, just selected sd 2 from a drop-down menu below and followed the instructions to burn.