Backing up Bluray Disc Region B so it plays on Region A




I am a n00b when it comes to BD, so not sure what I am doing wrong.

I purchased (yes I own it) Akira Region B but I live in the US so I have a Region A player. When I insert the disc it tells me it only works on Region B players, all I want to do is watch the movie.

I downloaded AnyDVD HD trial (I have 20 days left) and set it to Remove Bluray Region and set it to Region A (I have no idea what this means).

Then I used IMGburn to make an ISO and burned it onto a 50GB BD-RE disc, when I inserted it into the player I got the same message “will only play on Region B Players”.

My player is Samsung BD-D6500, my BD Writer is LG WH12LS39. I don’t have the region set on the drive and no BluRay Player software as I don’t have any need for it, would that make matter??:doh:


This is from Slysoft support:

[I]Some BluRays will require you to actively set the correct region for the player if AnyDVD can not do it automatically.

Left click the AnyDVD tray icon

open the Video BluRay options

Check “Remove BluRay Region Code”

Check “Always ask”

Now reply “A” when AnyDVD asks. [/I] (Edit: or in your case, as CDan points out, you should select B)

Also, don’t make the ISO with ImgBurn. Right click on the fox icon at the bottom right of the screen and click the option [I]Rip to Image[/I]…


If the disc is Region B, then you need to select “Region B” in AnyDVD when the disc loads. If you set AnyDVD to “auto” it will do this for you IF it can determine the actual region of the disc. It’s not able to auto-detect region coding on all discs, since region codes on BD are software coded.

Edited to add:
IOW, you’re telling AnyDVD what region the disk is, not what region you want it to be. When ripped it will be region free.


Thank you so much Kerry56 & CDan for the proper instructions!

I made another copy but this time set AnyDVD to Region B (instead of A as CDdan pointed out) and also used AnyDVD Ripper to make the ISO and it worked perfectly! :bigsmile:

I think I am going to buy a license for AnyDVD HD now that I’ve seen how easy it is and the fact I’ll be using it plenty of times in the future for BD.

Thanks again guys!


cant find rip to image
dont seem to have that facility?


First the media has to be recognized!!


I am also using the trial of anydvd. I bought a bluray that says Region B on the back that doesn’t play in my Region A player. If I ask anydvd to determine the region it comes back “region free.” I tried putting an ISO into my computer using Anydvd rip to image as instructed checking on the B to remove region and then tried to burn the ISO onto a 50-GB BD-RE using IMGBURN with anydvd running in the background. Same result in my A player with the ISO that’s supposed to really now be region free, not playable. Am I just running into some super-updated copy protection on the purchased blu-ray? thanks for any help


I played around with it some more and got these results

I had to replace my Pioneer BD writer when it stopped writing BD anymore was saving the old one to play CDs in car at some point. Decided to see if I could get a few plays out of the old one and duplicate the region B bluray from BD writer to BD writer instead of putting file in computer. The first time I used rip to image and clicking in anydvd to remove the B region. It put the ISO on the blank BDRE but when I put it in my A player all it did was show the ISO package and clicking on the ISO package proved unplayable. Then from BD writer to BD writer instead I used “rip Videodisk to hard disk.” This time it did put the whole BR package onto the disk and I can now play the video files with the region removed on the A player by clicking on each individual video file.

I was hoping to end up with a disc that would end up like a real commercial bluray and play on the A region player with full use of menus etc. If anyone knows if that’s possible and can walk me through the steps please send me a reply. Thanks very much for getting me this far!