Backing up Blue Ray to Duel layer disks

i am new and want to protect and back up my blue ray disks to dual layer disks. How can I do this without spending hours doing it? I want at least HD quality.


Check out the program DVDFab

I recommend AnyDVDHD to break encryption and rip to the hard drive. Then use a free program called BD Rebuilder to do the compression to DL dvd size.

No matter what program you use, it is going to take hours to reencode the video. I don’t care if you have the fastest home computer on the planet, it is going to take hours to compress. It is possible to use faster settings within BD Rebuilder, rather than the high quality settings, and this will reduce the time drastically.

It helps to use a quad core machine. You’ll also need LOTS of hard drive space, for the rip, the working files and the final output.

Once you have the finished video, burn to Verbatim brand +R DL disks using ImgBurn. This will be a BD-9 disk, and there is no guarantee it will play in all blu ray players, in fact, there are a few players that are known to be incompatible. Look at this thread at Doom9:

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[QUOTE=bean55;2484933]Check out the program DVDFab[/QUOTE]

I will try this. Thanks