Backing up Blu-ray: Not enough server storage?



I’m trying to backup one my blu-ray discs to .ISO format for my media server, I’ve done this successfulyl a few times using imgburn and anydvd. However i’m running into a problem now, it getss to 80% complete then imgburn gives the following error message.

"Cannot write to file:…

Reason: Not enough server storage is available to process this command."

Now, I’m copying it across my netowkr directly to my media server as I always do, I definately have enough space on the HDD I’m copying it to. So I’m notsure why it’s giving me this error, any ideas?


is the movie Avatar? or some sort of new 3d blu-ray? if so upgrade to latest version of anydvd


Nope, it’s Law Abiding Citizen