Backing up battlefield 2?

Hey everyone,

I cant figure out how to backup my copy of Battlefield 2. I have the 3 disc cd version.

I did a scan with A-Ray Scanner and it said it uses SafeDisc 2/3, but I have read in other places that it uses SafeDisc 4.00.001.

Please provde help…thanks.

Note: I do not want a no cd crack, I just want a back up.

Hey dude. I don’t know if you’ve read the other posts on Battlfield 2, but those are very helpful.

You didn’t mention what you had as far as burning image software, but I’m going to suggest you try the trial of Alcohol 120%.

I also have the CD version of BF2 and was successful. I did it with Safedisc 2/3 and had the top two options checked. I slowed down the copying process to like 4x because some said this makes it better.

Also, be sure you have the minimum sys requirements. I went through all the trouble to make a backup and it wouldn’t even work on my computer! :frowning:

ya, i have Alcohol 120%…leme try that

Does it matter wat haware u have (like ur cd/dvd drive) in order 2 burn games that have safedisc 2-4? Also dirtyfeet, what are the “the top two options”? Dirtyfeet, did u burn all the 3 battlefield 2 cd’s into 3 cds or just one dvd? If just 1 dvd, can u teach me step by step in order to put 3-4 cd’s into one dvd?