Backing up Avatar (asked by spirittoo)

Hello … I’m new to burning blu-ray. I’ve been trying to back up a copy of Avatar that has both the theatrical and extended version on the same disk. I only see the theatrical. I tried different folders to burn and each time it came out as the theatrical. I first used Blu-Fab to decode, then MKV with the same results.

Do you know how I can get the extended version backed up? I looked at your tutorial and thought I would be able to do it going under file and import selecting BD(s) quick-play reauthoring . I go to the folder the movie is store in click on it and I get the message box about import Multiple BD’s? I tell it yes. I get the message box Cannot Import … No titles were found that meet the import parameters … There is a folder “Avatar_CE_D1” is the theatrical version. There are other folders … AACS … BDMV … BDSVM … Certificate. I don’t know where to look for it. Can you help me with this?


It sounds like your Blu-ray has what is called seamless branching, where the two versions share certain m2ts files and don’t share others. What you need is the correct playlist file…mpls file.

I’ll take a look at one of my discs with DVDFab and see how to do this. Hold on.

The only disc I have with two versions is Alien which has a theatrical and director’s cut. DVDFab offers me the ability to choose different titles with very nearly the same run time. This would be one way to decrypt and rip only the version you want. If you don’t want DVDFab to do the compression, then you’d have to output to a 50gb size.

If you don’t have the full version of DVDFab, you should be able to choose the correct title in MakeMKV. Looking at either the full disc you’ve already ripped, or the original disc, open the index.bdmv file with MakeMKV. Look through the list of titles and find the largest one, which should be the extended version. Right click on the list of titles to unselect all of them, then select the largest one to process.

It would output as an MKV file, which you could import into BD Rebuilder if you need to put it back into Blu-ray format and compress it. If it will already fit your target size, you could use tsMuxeR instead.

BD Rebuilder by itself is not giving good information on how to select the particular version I want.

Look in other movie-only playlist to see if it has a playlist with the correct run time

Very good gonca. I don’t believe I’ve used that feature before in BD Rebuilder. Or if I have, I’d forgotten it. Unfortunately for me, with only two correct movie versions, it gave me four different choices.

MakeMKV gave me the correct playlist numbers, so I knew which were the ones to select, but I have no idea where the other two came from.

it gave me four different choices.

Most likely it is regional, two choices per.
Happens in Canada a bit one version for Englsh and one for French
Based on your language selection in your player it picks a playlist.
Both playlists are the same but the default language is set to one playlist