Backing up an iso

This may be a silly question, but here goes:

I need to make room on my harddrive, som I’m backing up some iso-images to cd-roms. Now, should I back them up as regular data or should I - as Nero suggests - write the iso to a cd, so that it becomes a copy of the original cd? I use the isos for playing the games from my harddrive, so I don’t need the bootability of the cds. But I’m wondering if using the latter description will create a cd which - if I decide to make a new iso file from it - is identical to my original iso file. Hope this all makes sense…

I don’t think I’d take the chance of burning them as CD images. You’ve nothing to lose by creating data CDs with the iso files on them as data.

You can do either. If you have a DVD burner then it would probably make better sense to just stick a bunch of CD images on a single DVD-R as regular data.

Thanks, both of you. That’s also what I was thinking, but it’s always nice to get a second opinion.