Backing up already backed up PS2 games

Hi, trying to backup ps2 games which are already backed up for a modded ps2 (slim edition). Can I use nero, just make an image? CloneDVD2 (SlySoft)? Those are the two burn programs I own, any recommendations on others that would do the trick? If these two do, do the trick, what are the settings I use on them.


Easiest would be to download dvddecrypter and Imgburn both free, using iso read and iso write mode.

I find alcohol the best program just image up and burn back however type of media and burn speed will make all the difference to a successful copy I recommend ritek
G05 media and do not burn any higher than 2x speed

Wow what about reading after a year with ritek?
No need to burn at 2x if you use top quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.
In case of ritek yes.

I have never had any problems with ritek G05 now or 1 year old discs?
I know Taiyo yuden are a great brand but they are much dearer discs :iagree:

If you like them that’s ok i personally don’t like Ritek dvd media. :wink: