Backing up a vcd

I am trying to make a back up of a vcd someone made for me I have used clone cd. It tells me that the copy was completed I get that happy music. But then nothing. If I go to explorer and check the disc that was just made it shows that there is no disc in the drive. When i put the disc into my dvd player it does not work ( the disc I am trying to back up works in the same dvd player). Any ideas???:confused:

Thank you in advance

Did you read the subchannels?

:confused: ok so now I will show how new I am to this. How do I read the subchannels??

In CloneCD 3:
Check the Read Subchannels From Data Tracks and also Read Subchannnels from Audio Track.
In CloneCD 4, Reading subchannels is already enabled (default).
Check that to see what happens :slight_smile:

Make sure you haven’t got Simulation box checked!

Ok i used clone cd 4 backed up the disc and nothing again. I don’t have simulation checked either.

Are you saying that you are trying to copy a VCD but after it is being copied, computer & DVD Player cannot read the disc?

Try using Nero, it is the master of all CDs :smiley:
You can also try their CD Copier to see what happens
If that doesn’t work, try a CD-R instead.

See ya :wink:

VideoCDs are just an MPEG file, are they not? Please tell us what brand & model burner you have :wink: