Backing up a Protected VCD big problems

Hello Im trying to back up VCD movies i bought as originals, But Im having alot of difficulty doing this, when I actually try to launch NERO or CloneCD it actually automatically shuts the application down before i can even attempt anything, Ive never run into a problem like this because I never back up VCD’s only DVD’s. Id like to be able to back these up so I can keep my originals in mint condition… anyone with a work around this sort of Protection. Thanks.

I have personally never come across a protected VCD disk, or even heard of one :eek:
Can you read the files on the disk using Windows explorer? If so, just try copying the avseq01.dat file (from the Mpegav folder on the disk) to your hard drive, then use Nero or similar to create a new VCD using that file.

Not possible, when i try to open the Mpegav folder it automatically close’s Ive never seen such a copyright ever. Anyone know how to get around this, its so fustrating not being able to legitamately back your own stuff…