Backing up a game



Hello, obviously I’m a newbie, I hate having to do the newbie thing and say:

“I hope I’m posting in the right spot” and
“Please help I have no Idea What I’m doing” but that’s just it.

But before I go on a ramble about how I came across this site by googling my problem multiple times and posting this is my last resort, I’ll just tell you my problem.

I have the Sims 2 seasons, I downloaded alcohol 120% no probs, I insert the disc select “Copy Wizard” and I select “Safe Disc” copy speed and write speed “x4” and it work perfect. I insert the blank cd and it writes perfect as well.

It’s when I go to play the new disc, the Sims 2 seasons load screen appears and that’s as far as I get.
“Please eject and re-insert the CD-ROM, select ok and restart the application”

I am not sure what the problem is.
The disc is not scratched its almost brand new and that’s why I’m backing it up, so I don’t scratch it.