Backing up a game disk

Hello, i have been trying to burn/copy battle for middle earth 2, using ubuntu (linux) but i have access to windows. i tried making an iso image than putting it on a dvd, it installed in windows than when i tried to play it, it asked for the correct disk, when i did put in the correct disk it worked fine, i believe that at the start of the disk their was purposely put data that appears damaged (bad sector’s) so the program would not burn it. than i tried the renowned alcohol 120% to no success (why is it called 120%).Help, how do i copy this game. Help will be appreciated. The Last Nazgule.

You need to use Alcohol 120% and SafeDisc v2/3 profile. The bad sectors are part of protection

Also you’ll most likely have to mount the image after ripping.

Ok i just downloaded safedisk, so do i rip the disk with alcohol 120% than mount it, than what do i do with afe disk?

Go to Alcohol 120. Go to Image Making Wizard, were it says datatype set it as safedisc 2/3. Click next and rip it to were ever you want. Then the image should show up in alcohol 120. Right of Image Making Wizard. Right click that and mount image.

Thanks for the help but it didn’t work, do you have any other suggestions? preferably in linux thanks.

You tried any alcohol 120% or d-tools emulation?