Backing Up a dvd, wont play properly on dvd player!

Im trying to back up my copy of Pineapple Express. I am using AnyDVD and clone DVD2. This combination has worked fine for backing up all my other DVDs. When the encoding gets to 98% on cloneDVD it stops and says "Incorrect function If reading the media has failed,please clean the surface and try again ", so I cant actually copy it. I have done what it says, but its a brand new disc so there are no scratches or anything.

After looking around on the forums I decided to try using DVDFab Platinum This copies the dvd successfully, but then when I went to watch it, towards the end of the film, my DVD player couldnt read the disc, and the film kept breaking up! If I play the DVD on my computer, the disc works fine :confused:

Does anyone know what might be wrong, or have any suuggestions on how to copy it properly?

AnyDVD is now at…you need to upgrade to the latest version.

The poor playback on the disk may be due to poor quality disks and/or too fast a burn speed. Use good quality disks like Verbatim and burn at a moderate speed. I normally burn at 8x.